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There is a sequence of study that allows to learn all the skills in the fastest way. This circuit is ideal for the "right" character development. But if you plan to play a character, it is better to start to learn Willpower and Perception to Level III, and brush up on the minimum set of skills from other groups before embarking on the study of the IV level of "simple" skills training group. This will quickly learn the necessary basic skills for the game. The loss of total study time with the "retreat" will be insignificant, but it will be easier to play and more interesting.


" - of course, smaller. Perhaps the answer lies in the issue price. For example, 2.1 units missing attribute can be compensated by setting the appropriate implant (below them). 4 implant cost is several times greater than three. The cost of more than five 3 already on order.

Note: The market in EVE-online dynamic and prices can change substantially tomorrow.
In general, V level skills training groups, I would advise to learn when necessary. If this is your first character, limit IV of, then will understand.


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